Bolt Boy Konterschlüssel

  • The Only Backup You Need – the Bolt Boy® Backup Wrench eliminates the need for striker wrenches, shims and vice grip style backup wrenches
  • Industrial Construction – its heavy duty industrial construction, works ergonomic and safe
  • Totally Mechanical – the Bolt Boy® Backup Wrench is totally mechanical and has no hydraulics
  • Ergonomic Design – easy to release design

The Backup Wrench Bolt Boy® holds the opposite side of the screw connection and enables a safe operating. Against the rotation of countered nuts and screws there are solutions like open-jawed spanners, striking face box spanners, hydraulic supported counter nuts and now the Bolt Boy®. We solve the problem very elegantly with a tool which is tough, lightweight and easy. Do not hesitate to ask us! There are over 30available sizes to the basic tool. It‘s your choice!