Elektro-Master, series EMA battery-driven

Elektro-Master rechargeable battery high torque wrenches are shut-off wrenches for industry. They offer the highest precision, lifespan and flexibility within installation scenarios in which compressed air hoses or power supply cords would be a hassle. At weights of between 2.2 and 4.5 kg (incl. rechargeable battery), the wrenches of this model range are the light-weight options. Excellent torque precision of lower than or equal to +/-3% is achieved through the use of a planetary gear mechanism mounted on rolling bearings and a precision clutch mechanism. All installed components are designed for continuous industrial use. Here‘s the first rechargeable battery high torque wrenches within this torque range: when the remaining battery charge level drops too low, the wrench automatically enters a blocked mode. Consequently, incorrect bolting/screwing results from to low rechargeable battery capacity is now avoided. Elektro-Master rechargeable battery wrenches feature a form of OK/not OK recognition. Should bolting/screwing be stopped at torque that is too low, this is indicated by way of an audible and visual signal. Environmentally friendly, industrial model Li-ion rechargeable 3.0 Ah (14V) battery technology facilitates particularly long working periods. Through the use of future-orientated impulse charging technology, these batteries are charged within
22 minutes and exhibit only a minimal memory effect. Increased productivity and reliability.

  • 22-minute quick-charge capable battery
  • Maintenance-free, brushless EC motor
  • Torque between 50 Nm and 900 Nm
  • Non-tiring work through light-weight equipment
  • Visual/audible signals indicate bolting/screwing quality
  • High degree of torque precision of better than +/-3%
  • Superior lifespan through driving gear components mounted on rolling bearings