Whether required for a flange, a rear sprocket cassette or a foundation bolt – the Pneumatic Master® is always the right choice: from the PM 75 with the shortest transmission length to the PM 800 with reinforced gearbox housing. The absolute strength of the Pneumatic Master® lies in its unrivalled implementation of quality and workmanship. It impresses with its long service life and efficient torque reproducibility – no weaknesses, no compromises – the Pneumatic Master® PM series simply performs better.

  • Hardened, alloyed steel for extreme durability and long service life
  • Bearings support the loads that occur on the square drive shaft
  • Multi-stage planetary gearbox with optimized toothing
  • Frictionless rotation of the ball bearing on the gearbox housing, independent of motor handle
  • Lightweight aluminum handle with durable, anti-slip textured coating
  • Highly efficient motor designed for easy maintenance
  • One-finger trigger control for forward and reverse motion
  • O-rings seal the grease on the inside while protecting against water and dirt
  • Pressure bearings between the stages insulate the motor during use in all directions
  • Gears run on bearing sleeves with low friction and high strength
  • Chromium steel pins in every switching stage
  • Tailor-made accessories available from warehouse stocks
  • Worldwide support and availability
  • FRL – Filter/regulator/lubricator in one
  • Control of the torque performance with the ergonomic F/R/L unit, frame in safety yellow for storing the hose
  • Adjustable lubricator
  • Air pressure measurement with liquid-filled PSI/BAR manometer