Customer´s Benefit
We develop, design and produce hydraulic equipment and systems for heavy machinery. We do the development of the mechanic components and the control units as well as support our customers all around the world with our local experts. Designer and developer of our clients appreciate our practical experience, dependability, service and innovative solutions.

Our Values
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
[World Health Organization]

By tender of health-promoting measures we intensify this idea. In addition, reliability and loyalty are key values to create confidence among each other. A fair and tolerant coexistence promotes a pleasant work environment. A well adjusted work-life balance increases our desire for life. Continuous trainings at the workplace minimizes risks and increases safety at work. The i

How we behave!

  1. We are open and honest with each other!
  2. We appreciate our customers, suppliers and employees!
  3. We keep our promises! We are reliable and on schedule!
  4. We address a problem or mistake immediately!
  5. Our employees assume responsibility! Even in difficult situations, we are stable and reliable!
  6. We constantly invest in the training of our staff!
  7. We are a German company and stand by Germany!We secure jobs in Germany!